Minor in Writing


The Writing Minor at Marian University invites you to tailor writing experiences—in and out of the classroom--to your goals and interests. Creative writers choose workshop-based courses covering a range of genres; poetry, fiction, screenwriting, and creative nonfiction. Future teachers choose courses to study theories and practices of teaching writing in multiple educational settings. Writers with professional goals in marketing, corporate communication, and social media study and apply writing skills in digital, corporate, and/or public writing environments. Students wanting to enter the field of publishing focus their coursework on the production, distribution, and consumption of writing.


What will you study?

Minor in Writing: 18 credits, including ENG 302, 303, 322. Remaining credits chosen from ENG L20/30/40, 109, 204, 208, 209, 210, 255, 309, 367, 370 or 470,360/460 (approved as writing internship), COM225, COM324, COM 326, COM/ENG 239, COM/ENG 367, and/or other department-approved writing courses. Writing-intensive course in major area of study counts toward writing minor.

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Gay Lynn Crossley
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Sarah Snider, MFA
Visiting Assistant Professor of English

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