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City Connects Logo SmallWhen you’re hungry, you can’t learn. When you’re homeless, you can’t do homework. When you’re worried, or sad, or angry — when mom is sick, or dad imprisoned — you can’t concentrate. Out-of-school challenges diminish a child’s ability to learn and thrive, especially in high-poverty urban school districts. City Connects provides a clear, organized, and evidence-based strategy for schools to address these challenges — offering a hub of support that matches existing services to each student. City Connects takes a systemic, high-impact, cost-effective approach to addressing the out-of-school factors that limit learning. The support we offer makes a significant impact on students — now, and years from now.
cathing up from learning loss

Top 6 Reasons Your School Needs City Connects

  1. When a school partners with City Connects, a full-time City Connects Coordinator becomes embedded within the fabric of the school. The City Connects Coordinator collaborates with teachers in every classroom to review the strengths and needs of every student, every year.
  2. The City Connects Coordinator creates a tailored support plan for every student - leveraging a comprehensive range of prevention, intervention, and enrichment services that already exist in schools and communities. Students who are most at risk receive an in-depth review and a broader level of support, but every student is supported via City Connects.
  3. At City Connects schools, the City Connects Coordinator becomes the hub of student support — a single point of contact in an otherwise crowded maze of service providers. We alleviate the burden on principals and teachers, and we create an organized referral process for community-based partners.
  4. Using proprietary software developed for City Connects, City Connects Coordinators constantly track services and evaluate results, making sure every student is getting what’s needed.
  5. The City Connects Coordinator works closely with students and their families, providing referrals and support that bolster the long-term health of the entire family.
  6. Research from the Center for Benefit Cost Studies in Education (Columbia University / University of Pennsylvania) shows that the benefits of implementing City Connects significantly outweigh the costs.  

City Connects Elementary School Chart

Who We Are, What We Do, & Where Are We Located

The City Connects Technical Assistance Center at Marian University’s Center for Vibrant Schools is a one-stop-shop for schools during the launch and ongoing implementation of the City Connects model. The Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is composed of skilled staff who are experts in the City Connects practice, and have extensive experience working with schools, students, and school leadership. Additionally, as a partner school, you will get access to City Connects customized data system to track your students’ progress. The TAC also offers assistance with the use and troubleshooting of this system.

City Connects Student Support Chart


Here’s How the Midwest Technical Assistance Center Can Help Your School

  • Assist school in the implementation and delivery of the City Connects Practice
  • Assist school with hiring, training, professional development, and ongoing coaching of your school’s Site Coordinator
  • Problem solve student challenges with Site Coordinator & School Leadership
  • Technical Assistance with MyConnects Database System

City Connects Two Bar Charts

City Connects Right Supports Chart

Meet the City Connects Midwest Team!

Jillian Lain

Jillian Lain, MA
Director, City Connects Midwest
(219) 510-3474
Huntington Hall, 012

Abe Manlove title=

Abraham (Abe) Manlove, M.Ed., MS
Program Manager, City Connects Indianapolis, Gary, Evansville
(316) 680-8361
Huntington Hall, 012

Kimo Parham

Kimo Parham, MBA
Program Manager, City Connects Indianapolis, Ohio
(317) 459-3845
Huntington Hall, 012

Margaret Smith

Margaret Smith '14, MSW
Program Manager, City Connects Indianapolis, South Bend, Muncie
(317) 442-2647
Huntington Hall, 012

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