Complaint, Reporting and Appeal Form

Marian University has developed an electronic form to make it easy for the community to make complaints or reports of discrimination/harassment/sexual misconduct. In deciding whether to make a complaint or report, please do not worry about whether the incident you are reporting would satisfy the legal or Marian University definition of bias, hate, discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct. The response team will sort that out. The question is whether you believe there may have been discrimination, harassment (including a bias-related incident), or sexual misconduct.You can find the form below. 

Do you believe you were the victim of discrimination/harassment/sexual misconduct?

File a complaint requesting action by Marian University or informing Marian University of the incident. You may file this report anonymously, but please be aware that by choosing not to reveal your identity, you may limit the ability of the response team to follow up with you or to remedy the situation.

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